Hemp FAQs

Yes, under the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 Hemp is now Federally Legal. We are a licensed grower in the State of Nebraska.

Hemp and Marijuana are both in the cannabis family, but are very different. Marijuana is cultivated to have very high levels of Delta 9 THC (The chemical that gets you high). Hemp is cultivated to have very low levels of Delta 9 THC but high levels of CBD. By law, our hemp must be tested to have <0.3% Delta 9 THC. Marijuana is typically 15-35% Delta 9 THC.

Yes, we had to go through an extensive process with the State of Nebraska to be legally licensed to grow hemp.

“Ditch weed” is what we call “Feral Hemp”. What you see growing all over the countryside was part of the Hemp for Victory movement in the 1940’s. These “ditch weed” genetics are not for CBD and can affect our crops in negative ways.

Hemp can be turned into thousands of different things. Hemp is commonly used in textiles, building materials, food additives, cosmetics, essential oils, and much more.

Hemp is specifically cultivated to have low Delta 9 THC levels (the chemical that gets you high). You could smoke an entire field of hemp, and you wouldn’t get high.

We are currently growing hemp for high quality CBD oil. We also use other parts of the plant for fiber, seed, and grain.



Hemp has a deeper history in the United States than most people would expect. The USDA cultivated hemp for the war efforts during World War 2. “Hemp for Victory” is responsible for the thousands of miles of hemp rope produced. This is also why you see so much feral hemp, or “ditch weed”, throughout the Midwest. These feral plants are the “great-grandchildren” of the hemp from the 1940s.

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp was federally legalized. We are excited to be one of the first farms in Nebraska to be able to legally grow hemp.